Visiting Professors

2016-2017 Sami Adwan

Associate Professor and Academic Vice President at the University of Hebron. His focus is on democracy and how education can be used to increase the understanding between different groups in a conflict situation. During his stay in Gothenburg he is based at the Department of Education, Communication and Learning.


2015 David Altman

Professor of Political Science at Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, Chile. His research focuses on democracy and direct participation.


2014 Hans Joas

Professor in Sociology at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. In his research he has investigated how violence is perceived and what causes value shifts in society.


2013 Vacant


2011-2012 Anne Orford

Professor in International Law at Melbourne Law School, Australia. She has specialized in international law, human rights law and the theory of justice.


2010 Bengt Göransson

Former Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs, Sweden.


2008-2009 Jan Eliasson

Swedish diplomat and former Foreign Minister. He most recently served as Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.


2007-2008 Brian Palmer

An American Senior Lecturer in social anthropology and religious studies. As a teacher at Harvard University he has taught classes about civil courage and public-spiritedness.


2006 Michael Freeman

Professor emeritus in law, from University of Essex, United Kingdom. His research interests include issues related to poverty and human rights.


2005 Rhoda Howard-Hassmann

Professor in Global Studies and Political Science at the Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada. Her research focuses on human rights, especially the right to food.


2003-2004 Asbjörn Eide

Professor at the University of Olso, Norway, and expert in the fields of human rights and peace.